Small Run Contract Liquid Filling, Labelling and Bottling Services

Our complete consultancy service starts from your initial concept and then we help you to progress right through to a shelf-ready product. We offer a filling, labelling, coding and packaging service for a variety of liquids and flexible, scaleable manufacturing options to help you deliver a cost-effective product for UK retail or export.

30ml to 1 litre aqueous, alcohol, oil and lotions.

NO OVERHEADS FOR YOU. Use our advice, 23 years of experience and expertise to get your products into the healthcare and cosmetic market place.

Full consultancy service – from concept to brand

Installing your own in-house filling and labelling solution can be problematic, but ACP Filling offer a complete end-to-end manufacturing and production services which is a far easier option than using several suppliers. Our ‘turnkey’ service makes things simple – we take care of all aspects of your project and progress it smoothly to the commercial market place. Our high-tech facilities, expertise and the in-depth market experience is on hand to ensure success.

We can work with you to source formulators, testing houses, bottle and cap components and we can provide packaging design. We are also happy to use the packaging and labels you wish to supply. Our advanced filling machinery includes auto capping, torque to the required level, labelling, batch coding and barcodes, shrink wrapping and boxed for retail.

• Our modern facilities are centrally located with easy access for delivery and dispatch.
• Batch coding and barcode printing for all packaging.

Efficient, bespoke and cost-effective.

Our advanced filling, labelling, bottling and packing machinery


Four head, fully automatic filler for aqueous, alcohol, oil and lotion based liquids – but not pharmaceuticals or food products.


Automatic patch and wrap-around labelling for bottles and caps – lead time: 10 days.


We offer a huge range of colours with a lead time of 8 to 10 weeks. Auto capping and torque to the required value.


Batch coding and barcode printing available for pack, outer cases, boxes and pallets.


Initial filling to finished shrink-wrapped pack of six in 5 minutes. Maximum production 5,000 bottles per day.

acp filling - labelling machine

Additional Services


We offer a graphic design service from initial pack design through to printed labels and boxes.


We have a wealth of experience and can offer to source all components.

You’re more than welcome to view our facilities at any time – just call to make an appointment.

Price structure

These prices are based on having bottles, labels and caps bulk delivered, then filling, labelling, packing and making ready for collection.

If our advice, sourcing or design expertise is required, then these costs will be quoted separately and will be additional to the prices below.

Every project is unique, and so to obtain a more specific quotation we will need to discuss it in more detail with you.

Please call us on 01453 833345, email us or fill in our enquiry form below.

1,000 to 2,500 bottles 39p each

2,501 to 5,000 bottles 26p each

5,001 to 9,999 bottles 22p each

Over 10,000 bottles 19p each

Over 25,000 bottles 18p each

Prices based on filling a maximum of 5,000 bottles per day. We regret that we are unable to fill pharmaceutical or food products.

How to contact acp filling

Please call us on 01453 833345, email at or fill in the enquiry form alongside.

One of our team will contact you when we receive your enquiry, but if you need answers before then, please phone us.

Please note: We are unable to fill pharmaceutical or food products.

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